Stone Kettle Soup Project: Revisited

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  1. Well folks, it has been awhile... and I have been researching all along what methods to employ into this trade of trading. Months ago I proposed that as two heads can be better than one, we as traders should form groups with the sole intent of developing methods of trade. The response was mixed and many pondered, "why would I give away my long sought after trading secrets?" To which I replied: don't, start from scratch and bring your specific talents to the collective effort.

    With great confidence I now ask that those with interest email me at The purpose of this endeavor is not to trade secrets (or steal secrets), but to build from scratch a method of trading as only a diversified team of market 'experts' can. I for one cannot claim expert status, and so I bring to the table my skills: grunt work, programming, good questions, and an inquisitive mind. I'll serve the group best as a collaborator and so I put myself forward for this task.

    A group of 5-10 should be plenty, and little is required save an effort to be of value.

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  2. Perhaps you could start with a list of instruments (futures, stocks etc. ) that are of interest to the group involved. Follow that with a broad description of general styles such as 1) Break-out 2) Reversals 3) Trend following 5) Arb etc.. The define time frames, 1) Intra-day 2) Swing or multiple Day etc...

    I say this because when you describe a method, it must be somehow focussed or else it will get unwieldy and unworkable if it branches off in too many directions based on the infinite number of paths it could take.

    As someone who has been trading (and admittedly struggling) I am biased by what I find to work and not work. I am always skeptical of a trading strategy that either a) can't be formally described and b) backtested properly and returns measured.

    So yes, I would be interested only if we are talking about stocks, and we are talking about a methd to develop that can be rigorously back-tested, not some touchy feely "chart pattern" thing.
  3. I'm pretty much a newbie at all this, so at the risk of suggesting something you may already know: have you ever checked out Chuck LeBeau's stuff?

    Here's a link:, or just try and click your way to "bulletins." This has got to be one of the best sources of trading ideas ever, and it's absolutely free. Lebeau makes his living selling systems and managing a hedge fund (I think) and why the hell he has such an open policy I'll never know.

    There's nothing charty or touchy feely about Lebeau's ideas, on the contrary. He's posted 53 bulletins to date. Each one is like a brief chapter in a book on trading. You can take from it what you like and then run with it. :p The site also has searchable archives.
  4. Salzburg, thanks for the links I've bookmarked them to take a look at later.

    As of right now there is not a large group with any set goals. I have recently begun discussing some methods with an individual who had spotted the original threads and showed interest. So far, we have discussed only stock trading. I am open to other things, but this is what I too am most comfortable with. I also have a penchant for what can be tested, and although backtesting is not the end all I feel it is an important, essential even, step in the process of developing a sound trading method. As for "touchy-feely" chart reading I am open to ideas, but only with the intent of quantifying these ideas into a method capable of being properly tested.

    General styles are also fairly open. However, I am less interested in arbitrage and scalping because these tend to be more difficult unless you have a great deal of resources. That being said, if some with few resources have successfully traded in this way I would be willing to listen to their ideas.

    The bottom line is that I believe a relatively small group of traders collaborating to create a trading method could be beneficial to all. At the outset I would expect a miriad of ideas to be put forth - and this may seem confusing and pointless. However, I also believe that this is a necessary step. It will be my job to focus these ideas and present the 'next step,' so to speak. I have an aptitude for this sort of thing, and welcome the challenge.

    There are no garauntees that this will work, only the potential for something very valuable to occur. If you are interested email me, I will be glad to discuss things further with you.


    p.s.: emails received after tonight will likely not receive a reply until Monday night, I will be at IT. If you don't know what IT is, well... then I am very sorry for you are missing out on a rippin' event.