"Stone age" trading

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  1. Ricter


    Do you think YOU could make money trading if you were restricted to:

    1) Look at prices and charts only ONCE per day
    2) Read newspapers and magazines, any and all you choose, but ONLY on weekends.

    If you think you could make money, what would be your general approach? Strictly buy and hold, or do you think you could do some swing trading? What time of day would you check the charts?
  2. That makes my sphincter pucker... I love my puter and charts
  3. ElCubano


    this method will probably make you more money than all the complicated scenerios on ET...make sure you have to call in your order as well...selling your winners will be delayed afew making you that much more ( place your stop in the intitial order, 1st phone call )
  4. Most mutual funds trade this way :D

  5. My best trading last year was done end of week. Ran scans on Friday night...placed orders for Mondays open.

    My father in-law trades using IBD and manually tracks the 30 day MA. I showed him charts but its "too confusing" :)
  6. Ricter


    Why do you think that, El C?
  7. I agree, you'll probably make more money this way than going in and out on day trades. Essentially you'll be doing what Livermore and Darvas did, position trading and holding until market sentiment changes.

    You probably wouldn't make money in a consolidating market, but like Livermore said.. there's a time to be long, a time to be short, and a time to be fishing. :D
  8. Did Livermore add "a time to be shooting ones self"?
  9. "1) Look at prices and charts only ONCE per day"
    "2) Read newspapers and magazines, any and all you choose, but ONLY on weekends."

    Makes me wonder if you could swing trade with just the stock traders almanac. Just historical trends. No charts, prices or news. Probably someone already does it.
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