Stolen Super Bowl ring?

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    I think the most likely scenario is that Putin really is a thief and Kraft is a pussy who didn't say anything at the time but now wants to whine about it 8 years later.

    A pox on both their houses.

    BTW why would Kraft take off his ring to show it to somebody? Wtf, it's invisible if he's still wearing it?
  2. Putin took it imo.Krafts buddy Bush was to scared to demand it back when Kraft went running to him for help .
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    Yep. And let's recall that Bush claimed he could "read Putin's soul.". Maybe he "read" Putin on the ring matter and decided to keep his mouth shut about it. :D
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  5. He plays both sides.

    In the 2008 presidential campaign, Kraft donated to three candidates: Obama and Republicans John McCain, the party's nominee, and Mitt Romney, who used to be governor of Massachusetts. Obama and McCain received $4,600 each and Romney got $2,300 from Kraft.

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    Max E.

    Every president gets a jersey from the superbowl winning team you moron, the picture doesnt mean shit.
  7. He gave to 2 republican presidential candidates and 1 democrat in 08.He's given to other republicans over the years moron.He probably calls himself a dem/independent because he does business in a state run by democratic politicians.
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