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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jbtrader23, Jun 26, 2002.

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  1. I signed up last friday for the 14 day free trial of StockWatch Pro. It seems to have some bugs in it. And why doesn't the backtesting software include an option to exit with either a stop-loss when ABC happens or sell for a profit when XZY has been met. It seems like you can only pick to sell at the high, low or close of the day. If you have the software, how long does it take you to do a backtest of a few thousand stocks for the past year for example? On DSL, cable modem, 56 K dial up?

    I think my quest will continue for some reliable software.
  2. You should be able to set this up with Stock Watch Pro. I think you need to check "Detect intrabar signals" option to hit the stoploss or profit target and exit at that price. This formula should exit at 5% profit or loss from entry:

    Bar[Close,D]>EntryPrice*1.05 | Bar[Close,D]<EntryPrice*.95

    I've been using the new version of SWP for the last 2 weeks and have to say it's very solid compared to the previous versions. I hope they add equivolume soon.
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    I also signed up for a StockWatchPro trial when I saw that the new release 2.3 supported IB for order entry.

    I liked the scanner, and the ability to apply filters to the Qfeed HotLists, but the rest of the UI was about the same as QCharts for me.

    Also, it was very unstable on my machine (Windows 2k). I have been running W2K for almost 2 years on this machine, and SWPro is the first software to freeze up the machine. It did this 3 times in one day, and it also crashed w/o freezing the machine twice, complaing about "memory access" or "illegal memory access" errors.

  4. I'm running it on Windows XP and I get these random error messages that shut down the program every now and then. It seems a little touchy. Thanks for the tip on the stop loss or profit exit.
  5. Frangraboyes,

    On the "Strategy Setup" window, under the exit formula, if I enter in the stop loss/profit formula, what do I click under the action button? It gives you an option to sell or buy to cover at the high, low, open or close. But I don't want to do any of those.
  7. Set it to CLOSE because it uses the closing price of the 1 minute bar triggering the exit (not the day close).
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  9. does this software find correlated stocks?

  10. Sadly, despite its good points, this program has more bugs than a cheap mexican restaurant. Multiple daily crashes are the norm; its real-time screening consistently misses qualifying symbols (I've compared it side-by-side with Neovest); and the datafeed is woefully behind (2-3 seconds behind my other internet feeds).

    My best advice is to do youself a big more and get more.
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