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  1. so many amazing traders there , they could charge $1000 a year and get 50,000 subs.

    I make 10k a day at least from their ideas
  2. You are so cool!

  3. some shmuck I have on ignore responded.

    did he/she/it say something nice?
  4. Sort of.

    OK, I'll bite. Any particular stocks / folks you're watching? I haven't been there before today, but I'm bored out of my mind so I signed up.
  5. try @SarChasm
  6. I damn near typed it into the search window before catching myself. Never mind then.
  7. Guess you are not too familiar with 777's antics.

  8. I am now. If I'm almost going to fall for that one, perhaps it's time to stop trading for the week.

    (Under full disclosure, I did have it half typed in the search window before realizing what a dumbass I am)
  9. you made my day brother. nothing personal.
  10. did you know , watching stocks trade for 7+ hours a day kills more brain cells than taking LSD and Crack every day for 5 years.

    This alone accounts for the kind of postings you see here on et.
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