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  1. Can someone explain to me HOW to post on stocktwitts, because, and sorry for the language, but im getting really fuckin annoyed by this. When I want a post to be sent to everyone in the "ALL" stream, instead the posts get sent to the stream for that specific stock, and thats not what i want!


    If I want a post like " $WMT is doing good today. Lets see 55 target! " ... WHATS wrong with this post?? I'm using the $ JUST like it said to do in the help section --> " First, you may post to the stream by preceding a stock symbol with the $ like this: $AMZN "

    Anyone use this, and understand what im trying to do??

  2. they dont call it twits for nothing.

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  3. mxjones


    I never got StockTwits...why would you want so much noise and bullshit in your trading day? 1,000s of people who probably know less than you bombarding you with their mindless chatter.

    Wait, are we talking about StockTwits or ET?

    All kidding aside, I still never got StockTwits.

  4. lol wtf....