Stocktwits , post your best follows.

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  1. 99% of those guys are nitwits, half wits, and shills for management.

    but maybe 1% are worth reading.

    post them here, if you know who
  2. SteveH


    I've known this guy since 2002. He's a private trader who has been at it full-time since 1988. YOU WILL NOT FIND a more market savvy person who is posting on public boards, period. He's not a trade caller. He's more of a big picture guy who swings the bigger seasonal market moves, looking for a mispriced tech stock or two for his major killing of the year. His day trade level consists of one good in and out on a typical 1st hour market ramp for several K. Yes, he's rich but never needed the markets to be rich.

    You will learn more about how Wall Street thinks as a collective entity because he's had a lot of friends inside it over the years (yes, he's from New York) and he's SMART in the ways most people are ignorant or naive about it. So, underestimate his insights at your own peril. You may be a better trader than he from time to time but you will never be better at knowing WS.

    At the very least, he's entertaining and always a gentleman.

    His moniker is SteveZ1 (probably comes up as Stevez1)

    I'd advise you to lurk his messages or be polite in any questions you may have. Coming up in his face and aggressively challenging him is a good way for you to be consistently humbled.

    If you reference this post, then he'll know me by SCourt (probably not SteveH).'re welcome. I have no higher praise for anyone I've ever come across in 14 years of looking at investment forums. No one even close!
  3. What's your handle?....since I assume you would categorize yourself in that 1%. :)

  4. I am going to be polite to him (you?) by telling him to go fuck himself, and that if he dares to run against anybody in realtime and in public, I would like to KO his supposed "skills" out.

    As a start how about this: E/U now at 1.2777. Unless he states otherwise, we assume he is short.
  5. wrbtrader


    What stocktwits stream (e.g. SPY stream @ have you been following and/or which stream you're interested in considering there's hundreds and hundreds of the individual streams on stocktwits that specifically correlates to a trading instrument as shown in the link above.

    Seems to me you still have not figure out how to use stocktwits and that explains why you never mention any specific info about stocktwits except to say it sucks for you unless I have you confused with the thread about stocktwits down in the chit chat section here at ET where you once gave some names on stocktwits that you didn't like...names of traders mainly chit chating about the price action or names of traders posting after the fact trades.

    My point, if you're trying to use stocktwits as a signal service (realtime trade calls)'re using it for the wrong reasons and you won't find it useful because most do not post in realtime nor any detailed explanations due to the charater (per letter) limitations of twitter.

    In contrast, find someone that has a useful blog that you like and then see if he/she post on stocktwits. Thus, you'll only be following those you're interesting in. Simply, search elsewhere (not twitter) for traders you're interested in and then determine if they're posting on twitter or stocktwits for you to follow.

    I like to follow traders from Europe that talk about the Eurozone Crisis and traders of European futures. Next, follow your list of traders only via something like tweetdeck to prevent seeing all that junk you would normally see in stocktwits. That's how you make stocktwits useful via filtering out the junk in comparison to randomly reading anything being posted on stocktwits streams. (software owned by twitter)
  6. I'm looking for intelligence in the MAIN STREAM and there is so much crap there that any usefulness is lost in the noise.

    There is every opportunity to be clear about a trade, the char limit is a bs excuse.

    NOPE, I used to post there but I invoked the pearls before swine rule a while back.

    So you'll have to watch here for my rare but extremely profitable calls, here on good old et.

    Is Nitro banned yet?
  7. the problem with stocktwits is the retard admins promote the bs. half of the 'suggested follows' don't even trade real accounts, they just spam their garbage on and spew noise all over the stream.

    it has gone downhill as it seems they focus more on 'quantity over quality' nowadays, with tons of paid models and other crap that they probably endorse and make ad revenue from.

    some of the bloggers content is high quality but that's about it.

    from a former stocktwits user, all i have to say is 'traderflorida'. "suggested follow". what a joke.
  8. $ES_F on twitter has some good posters. You can weed thru them to find what suits your trading style. Some even post blotters, entry/exit prices.

    Twitter is real-time, more interactive than a forum post. You can post instantly and get instant responses from around the world.
  9. wrbtrader


    You have two choices...

    1) Continue using the "main stream" and read through all that junk or crap you don't like.

    2) Use tweetdeck or anything similar to follow specific streams or users on stocktwits that you consider "intelligent" and without the junk.

    It's really as simple as that unless all you want to do is complain via intentionally continuing to use the "main stream". :eek:
  10. you dont get it do ya?

    the value of something like st, which , as is twitter , a very simple ripoff of irc chat which I used 20 years ago, is the SURPRISE info on RANDOM FUCKING NEWS.

    How am I going to get that if I follow SPY or MSFT? By luck only.

    Glad the other poster figured out st is more interested in warm bodies than content, so when they go to sell the crap they can claim MILLIONS OF HIGH INCOME SUCKERS!!!!!
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