StockTwits is the future of trader communications!

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  1. If you have not signed up for Twitter, you really should. Then join Lots of REAL players on there giving god calls and sound advice in real time. You can filter out the haters.

    I think the Briefing/Trader service is in big trouble with Stocktwits in the house.

  2. ..God calls , Good calls... Same thing. :D
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    Interesting. I'm in the process of rebuilding my internet communities, this looks nice. I recently signed up for facebook and I don't like it very much. I've been unable to find any of the old style chat communities that used to be on the web like WBS or I made a lot of friends back then, but the communities vanished.
  4. Who are you following?
  5. TodayTrader is good on Twitter
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    My sister got me totally addicted to twitter a few months ago and I recently came across stocktwits and have enjoyed it.

  7. TodayTrader, UpsideTrader and AlphaTrends have had some good calls!! Yesterday these 3 were all over the GLD and GDX move.

    P.S. CNBC just did a story on Twitter and DID NOT mention the StockTwits application. Man are they ever useless. No, are they ever TWITS (the dumb kind)
  8. The thing is it is like a "Facebook Wall" without the facebook part. It is the perfect forum for real time trading. Micro Blogging for traders and getting updates on Mobile devices will be great for the individual investor or Swing Trader that has a day job and want to monitor the markets in real time from real traders that they trust.

    Happy Trading
  9. seems worthless
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    Stop the twitter talk, another hyped up social networking tool.
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