Stocktrad3r's new youtube video on trading the markets

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Oct 16, 2008.

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  2. He looks like a cross between a Bolivian Aardvark and Tony Hawk.

    "Trading leads to money, money leads to cheesy white shirts and bad haircuts, cheesy white shirts and bad haircuts lead to lazy eyes, and.......FEAR!

    What a D-Bag.
  3. The saddest spectacle that e'er I view'd.
  4. What a crock of BS. His first statements and those on the whiteboard are patently false - leading to false premises for most of his other rant.

    Those who make "training material" are those who no longer know how to trade, and realize they'll never get rich - so they start teaching instead. It is the same in sports, some are good at coaching - others are the star athletes.

    To be a successful trader, I think the foremost characteristics are intelligence and staying smarts - for some bastards it is mostly timing, and for some crooks it is the network and corrupt system.

    For anyone else - it is a lot of work and continuous learning - certainly not stress free. When I traded futures, I think I was getting a bit too involved - and when markets protracted, got into a narrow range - I felt the opportunities were less, and I had something else brewing which was much more worthwhile, less stressful - consulting and developing. Now, I think a balance of everything I enjoy to do is the best way.

    The guy in the video has been taking a pause at 4:20 PM every day ... and going through too many blunts the way he is talking. He seems like the typical Teflon non-stick mind. His "fear" is probably flash-backs, and some bad acid or something...

    LOL, he seems high kicking the stuff on the floor and ranting; he probably smoked a little to stay "relaxed" on the video. He should have been in that film "Pineapple Express" just released, he is like a character from a Cheech & Chong classic.

    Haha, does he have a police radio or some other radio there? Maybe he works like a parking lot security guard at nights... He is totally off balance and keep bumping into the wall behind him as he sways... The guy is floating off on his hazy little cloud...

    He must have had a really bad few days, and he seems totally run down.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ... "Goals - these are my goals. They motivate me a little: cruise, dinner, electronics, Vegas, drugs ... who put drugs up there? ... huh ... stupid f... ... toys, massages - all these good things that you can get for money."
    This guy is unbelievable... "Dazed and confused" - another classic.

  5. d08


    Are you drunk? Possibly medicated (uppers/downers)?
  6. I think he needs another drink and another line
  7. He almost falls over at the end when "weighing his options" waving his arms... shucks, that was pitiful.
  8. axehawk


    That guy is so drunk.
  9. He includes "Vegas, drugs, massages" on his list of personal motivation goals and that money can buy... so, he is not drunk.