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  1. Hey did anyone else here use at all?

    The guy who ran it (Richard Crockett) apparently ran afoul of the law in Russia and his site was shut down back in Oct 09. The chat and message board portions of his site continued to operate until last week when the domain expired.

    When the front page of the site disappeared a couple months ago, I went to the chat and asked the folks there what was up. Someone there told me he had been arrested but didn't have any further info.

    The stocktiger site was free, but it had lots of useful information and a really decent watch list maintained every week. Crockett even made a good market recap youtube video every week with performance summaries for the current positions. Heck I even made some $$$ off these picks back when I was trading stocks. He first came to my attention when I was a subscriber. He had a public chart list there that got that site's "hall of fame" award for number of votes and hits.

    I just found the whole thing disturbing since he seemed like a nice guy with good, freely available analysis.

    Anyone else here heard anything about what happened to this guy?
  2. So , you asking me to sign up?
  3. Why ask you to sign up? The site's gone.
  4. stocktiger was amazing. Just tried to get on after a bit of a break, and shattered to see the same thing....

    Im hoping an ST regular sees this and pm's me the groups backup plan if ever there was one?

    I have full faith that the arrest in russia is b.s., and how could you disprove it anyhow? ITS RUSSIA!

    anyways, shame its over, someone let me know the new game plan pleeeease!!

    Hoping for the release of crockett asap!
  5. Stocktiger appears to be back. He's posting trading ideas on twitter and has a new web domain that he's setting up. Should be interesting.

    His original web site was very educational. Hopefully he'll carry on where he left off.
  6. Any update from ?

  7. He appears to be back and fully operational again.
    The URL changed from to A cybersquatter took over the original domain during his absence.
  8. Just found this thread from google

    that site changed to stocktiger.NET as the com was lost to a cyber squatter as renewal was supposed to be done automatically and wasn't

    Imagine that most have found the new site ok but it messes up all the years of search engine links

    have fun

    still being seen by users around the world
  9. Duder


    But then, there's his watchlist you get for free. Who's complaining?

    To me it looks like a nice friendly chap. No matter he did time or not.

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