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  1. So how did we go from "stop posting inaccurate information on ET" to "Cool. Does it have its own data feed"? I don't get it.

    Market surfer, you seemed to abandon your comment abruptly. Were you correct or wrong? This all sounds kind of flaky to me.
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  2. steve,

    i am correct regarding United States law. i was not aware that this vendor was speaking of Canada in his statement. i know nothing of Canadian security law. the product is worth trying, and i don't want my comments to be construed as negative. i am planning on the free trial and will comment as to my impression.


    surfer :)
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  3. box


    Thanks for the free trial.
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  4. works with certain data feed vendors?

    or is it a stand alone product?
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  5. It is a standalone. This quote data is included in one 2MB end of day file which is downloaded by the program from our server.
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  6. has anyone run tests on this program yet ?

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  7. Here are some screens from the program for the benefit of anyone who hasn't started their free trial yet. Feel free to post questions about any aspects of the program.

    This first one is from Friday, the next two are from today (Monday, February 9).
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  8. Monday #1
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  9. Monday #2
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  10. do you have and are you willing to reveal any testing statistics on the program ? how many long suggestions pan out the next day for profit, how many don't ? as soon as i get some time, i'll run the statistics on a several day sample.

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