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  1. I have no interest in debating this issue as it is irrelevant given that StockStalker is not a signal generating program.

    However, for the record I've been told by both the securities commission as well as a lawyer who verified my compliance that I could be held liable for losses incurred by users if it could be proven that data was presented which could be interpreted as specific stock picks. Follow-ups on this topic should be made in a new thread oriented to this legal issue where facts could be presented.
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  2. your supposed lawyer and the person you spoke to at the securities commission are clearly wrong. you are the one making the inaccurate statements .

    by the way, what exactly is "institutional grade"

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    Quote from David Kwinter:

    It is in fact entirely illegal for anyone who is not a certified financial advisor to offer specific stock picks.


    Marketsurfer is right. However in some countries I think it 's different, in the UK even a journalist who writes about the market has to be authorised by the FSA. But I wonder why mere customer service reps at my local bank can offer me to invest in the bank's FTSE indexfund ?!!Well it's the UK you can't have a gun, can't have pepper spray only hooligans can have a knife to stab you. OK i digress where are you based David ? Europe right?
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  4. i am speaking totally about the USA. i have no clue about other countries. my apologies, if david is speaking about non-USA law.


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  5. I am based in Canada and understand the details of the applicable laws.
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  6. damn can't you guys just wait til I correct my english before quoting me?
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  7. One of StockStalker's beta testers is an institutional trader (trades OPM) and continues to use the program on a daily basis.
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  8. cool. does it have its own data feed or is it an add on to an existing feed service ?

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  9. All data is included (the daily download is approx. 2 megs - highly compressed).

    Please give it a try, I'd value your feedback.
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  10. thanks, i will.

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