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    StockStalker is a desktop application which downloads preprocessed analysis of the NASDAQ and NYSE's 1213 highest liquidity stocks. Beta testing of this software has been thorough and many compatibility features have been implemented such as support for TradeStation, RealTick and TCNet among others.

    StockStalker utilizes a powerful proprietary indicator and scoring system which precisely analyzes the recent history of each stock's supply and demand. With this information it subsequently finds previous instances where the stock was in similar situations and provides "projections" of price movement from the past relative to the latest price.

    StockStalker features keyboard-navigable charting which allows users to view hundreds of individual charts in minutes and easily obtain a feel for the movement of the market's largest components.

    StockStalker offers many other powerful features including a technique for finding tops and bottoms in the S&P 500.

    StockStalker is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

    For more information please visit our website:
  2. good luck with your site!

  3. So what does this do? Project a forecast x number of days into the future? Like Vantage Point?
  4. I checked out your site.

    I am not trying to be negative, however, stock picking sites proliferate when the markets rise and dwindle in number when the markets tank. Lack of interest I guess.

    I did not find any data on your site showing backtested performance, oh I saw the link to yahoo charts (cheesy) on every call, but don't you think you should at least provide some backtest data on your signals?

  5. StockStalker is not a "stock picking site" - it is a technical analysis program. StockStalker does not advertise a single "Buy" or "Sell" trigger/signal. It is in fact entirely illegal for anyone who is not a certified financial advisor to offer specific stock picks. This is not to say that there are not sites which do this, they are however operating outside of the law. I have consulted with my local securities commission and verified that my software/site is not among them.

    What you referred to as "every call" are not actually calls, those are screenshots from a 'walkthrough' of the program, an online demo if you will..

    Created solely by computer programmers, StockStalker is a technical analysis service.

    For more information:

  6. gonna give the trial a trial. :p

    have been trading the same 10-12 stocks all last year... and was just thinking earlier this week about finding some websites for some new ideas... and since I'm technically oriented for the most part (and discretionary), this might be worth a look. Good coincidence.

    Will give feedback if this thread is still open.

  7. There is a similar system for commodities out there (not vantage point), that project 14 days into the future.
  8. Digs


    Looks like shot gun approach to me...cut the shares to trade down to 1 o 3, with 66% success rate..then I be interested...

  9. absolutely not accurate.

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