StockSniffer (News Search Tool) is Coming Back!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by fleance, Mar 9, 2001.

  1. fleance


    FYI To anyone who used in the past to
    search press releases for keywords. They are coming back
    as with a supposedly improved news search tool. Here is the email they sent registered users.

    Subject: - it's back!

    Hello -

    We're writing to you because you were a registered user of

    We have good news! It's coming back! Only different, and *much* better!

    What used to be only a limited news delivery service is now the world's first
    distributed, real-time search engine!

    What was StockSniffer is now, using more general web-based feeds,
    and now doing full-text searching, not just title searches. This major
    makes this tool far more effective than before! Further, because of the broad
    base of web pages we now index, the range of information you'll find is far

    We are currently in beta test phase, and are actively recruiting users with
    machines, lots of memory, and DSL (or cable, T1, etc) lines or better. If
    like to participate in this advanced preview and test of this revolutionary new
    system, please respond and we'll send you the url to sign up.

    If you're not ready to be a beta tester, please visit our web site in the near
    for the general product announcement. It will be generally available in the
    couple of weeks.

    That's, it's news to you!


    the staff