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    Anyone using this software currently?

    I have it on evaluation and find it pretty impressive; it's got a nice neat, crisp appearance and pretty easy to navigate. Plenty of studies/technical indicators and you can select a timeframe and the timeframe persists across timeframe views ... watching a group of stocks in a sector or industry and you can set it up so you can go through them quickly and automagically with the "slide show" option ... I'm likin' it. Any other comments on this trading software?

  2. Ya I've used it before. It is very clean looking. The concept behind it is neat, and I've traded from it, but when I tried testing ideas like it in backtesting environments, I had no success. So at best, its a discretionary tool and you still are relying on your ability to read the Market.
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    PSYTRADE ... meaning you compared or evaluated it against other trading systems and by success you mean didn't get consistent results between it and another TA program? Curious.
  4. I mean that the method you are referring to in stockshare - Float Analysis ( the primarily tool used in their Marketing ) is that it is wholely discretionary, and you will never be able to trade it systematically, in a backtested or automated fashion. Therefore, 95% of all systems traders would never use it.

    On the other hand, if you can read the tape and you are a discretionary trader, then the tool has its advantages and is therefore worth a few hundred bucks.

    But in my case, I no longer attempt to read the patterns in the price generated by the float analysis tool.

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    I C ...

    I'm backing off on the floating analysis myself also.

    I 'preciate you sharing that with me.

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    I've used the program for a little over three years no ... in addition to the poor document in that time ... No updates; no communications; no users on the Yahoo Forums ... nothing. A general inquiry resulted in a general 'noncommittal' response regarding vision and direction on SSV2 ... any others with contrary insight? I'm moving on to another technical analysis program after I complete my research.
  7. Try Amibroker... most features for TA are already implemented, you can code your own filters, queries, etc fairly easy, even at the portfolio level....