Stocks wont go down....which means they're goin' up!!!!

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    I was wrong thinking the market would go down into the end of May and if i've learnt one thing over the years it is to force yourself to do what is uncomfortable.

    Therefore......I am all in....on the LONG SIDE. This market is going MUCH higher.
  2. good job
  3. stktrdr


    It's not that it is "good" just happens to the the RIGHT thing to do.
  4. only couple more days for


  5. Buy in June stocks to the Moon!

    Buy in July markets to the Sky!

    Buy in August because we will never be down again!

    oh wait...
  6. That's some funny shit. How long did you work on a rhyme for August before deciding to go with Plan B?
  7. Buy in August you will never go Bust

    Buy in September to be a Top Member

    Sell in October when you are Sober

    Buy in November, but remember when December comes, Pigs will be Dismembered:d

    GOSH, l think its time for me to hit the bars :p

    P.S. Can someone fill in January,Feb,March,April....
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    Just buy...then "SET IT AND FORGET IT" ...follow the simple ronco rules of trading and you wont have to sweat it out..Mr Market style
  9. Now the rally cry is, " oh good now the fed is not going to raise rates"

    Were as before it was "hurray were getting a rate cut"

    Either way, it up up up an away.
  10. Shrek 3 made $300 million spiderman 3 made $500 million pirates 3 $300 million

    in the span of one month..and these are all sequals

    thats real growth...this rally is for real

    the whole world is awash in liquidity
    the rich get richer..

    we're entering the acceleration phase of humanity. The next step in society. The transition form type 0 to type 1 civilization. A new paradigm. An era of institutionalism and medication. Paymentism and verificationsim. loss of personal rights and civil liberties. Credit card companies making more money than ever while enslaving people. Its a brave new world.
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