Stocks with High Profit Potential

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cscott, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. cscott


    Which of these Stocks would you considering Buying for short-term profit, and why?

    WRLS - Telular
    RMBS - Rambus
    ITRO.OB - Itronics
    WAB - Wabtec
    DXYN - Dixie Group
    GNSS - Genesis Microchip
    CLS -Celestica
    GM:RNVS - Renovis
    LBY - Libbey
    NIS - Nissin
    XMR - Morgan Stanley
    DLK - Semotus Solutions
    DGEN - Deltagen
    TGC - Tengasco
    TAMG - Transactional Automotive
    NGS - Natural Gas Services

    In my opinion, NGS looks to be the least risky, followed by XMR, but the profit potential of those 2 stocks doesn't look quite as good as some of the others above. What do you think?

    Note that I've set aside a small amount of my portfolio just to try a somewhat risky stock with a high growth/profit potential.
  2. Raven


    Which stock(s) is a sure bet to lose 50% share price over next 6 months?
  3. NGS looks good

    it just broke out 5 days ago
  4. cscott


    Thanks for pointing that out. I spent a few hours compiling that list to choose from. Something tells me that I should choose GNSS (Genesis Microchip), though I know that sector has not done well lately - and you know what they say, stocks move up not only based on their value, but the sector also needs to be moving. At least that's what Wharton School taught me and Donald Trump. :D
  5. All of the above.
  6. Let me give you a quick detailed rundown

    WRLS : stop 2.06 VERY GOOD ENTRY around here

    this is going to pop

    RMBS : don't buy
    wab: weekly downtrend
    dxyn - down
    gnss- breakout this week stop 11.37
    cls - good volume, stil ldowntrend
    lby - breakout this week, but will test 6.50 or so
    nis - maybe bottom, but still downtrend
    xmr- downtrend, but could be bottom
    dlk- down

    tgc- start of downtrend

    tamg - 9th week of downtrend, big volume could be bottom, wait for break

    ngs - breakout this week, could be bottom for Natural gas

  7. megadon


    nvr.......for big boys only......also goog
  8. Not sure if it's significant, but the VP and especially the CEO along with a few other small fries have been doing some buying since June, the CEO (Boyle Michael J) accumulating around 200,000. This happened all within a few days of each other, so maybe they know something :confused:
  9. when I say 200,000, i meant $200,000