Stocks with a P/E below 1

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    Anybody know of a stock with a P/E below 1?

    Sea freight companies are super cheap take a look at NM. It has a P/E of 1.55. I think such stocks might be not such bad buys. Heres why: The downside is limited, I know of no stock that has broken a P/E of 1. They have great dividends. And they are cheaappppp.
  2. The estimated current year earnings for NM is only $0.90 giving it a PE of 5.
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    Really? Can't rely on google and yahoo finance I guess. How about DRYS. Yahoo finance says its P/E is also 1.55.
  4. Check this out. I've been using for a while and have been pretty happy with it.

    Here is a link to the stocks with a P/E < 5.

    You'd have to double check some of them since they seem suspect, but still...
  5. DRYS is a piece of shit stock with a P/E in the 1.x range
  6. MTL-Mechel Steel ADR....

    Possible forward P/E of 1.94 on yahoo finance.....Russia company on Putin's bad side, but that could be behind the company now....

    Not sure how to value this company, but on my watch list...

  7. MTL at 9.04 might just meet the 1.3 Forward P/E....still watching.....simply amazing what is happening to Russian ADR's...or all ADR's
  8. well that was a 22% move....10.95 now....your welcome

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  9. Thanks for that link!!!
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    Yeah, that one looks good - who owns it?
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