stocks with 50:1 margin?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mm2mm, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. mm2mm


    Are there any brokers that offer 50:1 margin in the US to trade stocks?

    I am currently trading forex and I love how easy is to apply for a forex account with 50:1. ( I have oanda):)
  2. Maximum leverage on stocks allowed by the SEC is (I think) 4 to 1. Just take a look at changes in share prices for S&P stocks on even a day like today where the market ended just a shade off. Plenty of stocks were off 1 to 2% making margin levels anything like currencies to be dangerous. Currency trading with high margins can be equally disasterous but at least the market operates 24 hours x 5 days a week so stop losses can be used to limit losses.
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    You can get at least 6:1 with portfolio margin.
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    Since currencies almost never move 2% in one day and many stocks do, 50:1 leverage is never going to happen. PM does provide the highest leverage for customers. To get higher than 6:1 leverage during the day, your account has to be over $5M and the prime Broker has to allow your trading based on risk. With over $5M in a PM account, the brokers don't have to monitor margin during the day, only at the close.