Stocks will soar tomorrow.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin2, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. PPT, Fed suprise cut, possible war with Iran. Too many reasons to buy cheap now and prices will soar! Todays selling was also overdone. In fact, i can call long term bottom right here. Just look at futures action. PPT intervention aint even needed tonight.

    1/9/08 the biggest rally of the new year!
  2. lol... yes, the futures are just tearing it up. Just like the other day when they were up twice this much overnight and the markets cracked 200 points by the end of the day.

    Not saying that the markets won't rally Wednseday, but not because the futs are up 52 (whoops, 48) overnight.

    The hilarious thing about these noobs is that they come one and post the over-the-top perma-bull or perma-bear thread, then they get their asses kicked, then they slink away, re-up with a new username and they're back, on the other side this time.

    stocktrad3r... where are you?
  3. Who needs StockTrad3r when you have the Kin calling for the "soaring of stocks". Not exactly soaring at the moment, and it's almost noon.
  4. Why waste time? Why not just say 'I have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about'.

    That way you could cut down on typing time and get a bit more Halo 3 in.

    Just a friendly suggestion.
  5. That is a bold call, the "biggest rally of the new year". a positive close would just about get you there genius.
  6. gobar


    rally might happen but

    CFC, MBI, WM are putting pressure on XLF....

    without xlf u cant get a big rally

    unless FED cuts the rate
  7. Robby


    This is not convincing enough without a 100% guarantee. :)
  8. stop posting.
  9. With Citi's rumored $24 Billion writedown for the 4th quarter, I am not getting in front of that train.:)
  10. I agree, all the idiots ever want to do on here is call for major rallies or huge down days. Folks, none of that is TRADING!!

    ET should definitely start a new thread category called "Guessing" or "Gambling" or something along those lines. The trading forum is getting bombarded with all these dumb threads.

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