Stocks will fall

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by buy fruit, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Technical Analysis of S&P 500 index,stocks will fall.

  2. Agreed
  3. Mr. Miyago think same Fruit-san
    Today down big..:p
  4. I was eating my Alpha-bits this morning and saw the word "sell" in my spoon!
  5. Trends can be analyzed through the chart, technical analysis is indeed very interesting.
  6. You would need confirmation of that "signal" while eating a bowl of alphabet soup. :cool:
  7. I cracked open an egg this morning and got a double yoke. Clearly a "buy" signal.
  8. Miyagi -same-same ,
    Miyagi think end of week rally here...

    U buy today:D
  9. TGregg


    US GDP revised downwards. Guess the yokes on you. AHAHAHA! I "crack" myself up. But if the market climbs, guess I'll have egg on my face. Still, I think we're gonna crater some time in the future and leave all the bulls shellshocked and Uncle Ben will have laid an egg while the governments of the world killed the golden goose.

    Thanks for reading. I'm here through Thursday. Try the veal!