Stocks up YTD, markets are near all time highs

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  1. What the hell is going on here, they can't cut rates this is insane. The fed is being bullied by wallstreet, the markets are fine.
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    man is this a sell signal or what. time to go short
  3. Relax. The PPT is expected to begin short-selling the deferred EuroDollar and Fed Funds futures and support the subprime market.
  4. Wall Street is not just stocks. What about fixed income markets?
  5. Fixed income buyers should wear aluminum foil helmets molded into the shape of a German army helmet with the spike on top.
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    The reasoning behind the rate cut is all because of the falling stock market over the last 2 months, many say its not, but when the dow was trading under 13k a few weeks ago everyone was talking about rate cuts, im sure if the dow was trading at 14500 right now and the sub prime market was where it was today along with a few hedgefunds going under the rates would be at a steady 5.25% with no rate change on Sept 18th. ITS BECAUSE of the falling stock market they are worried. They dont care where the dollar is at or where inflation is.

  7. LOL Still telling all this mumbo jumbo to yourself?

  8. I think he is right, americans are invested in stocks not fixed income.

    The politicians were taking heat and then put pressure on the fed.

    You sure don't here anyone screaming for rate cuts anymore. This market is fucked up, no more opportunities because intervention from government, it's socialism, free markets are a thing of the past.
  9. Bonds look like they have topped, rates will now start rising. This was nothing but a dog and pony show to bully the new fed chairman.
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    Trade Like Bill and Hillary Clinton:
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