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    So which stocks are in a positive uptrend right now that could lead to a big gain in the next few weeks?
  2. I like CLCT with their 8.5% Div
    I also like TICC (love these lesser known SmallCaps) with Div 7.7%
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    what could a possible price target be on those stocks if you have a time frame of a couple of weeks?
  4. right now I hold:
  5. Citigroup!
  6. I'm not the one who tries to predict. I like the fundamentals and charts on both. PLace in some tight stops and let it run for whatever the market will bear for these SmallCaps.

    TICC Maybe stops from 6.80-7.14
    CLCT Maybe stops from 12.10-12.18

    Whatever your comfortable risk is. I will say this, I think TICC is ready to run...

    Here's A new ones to add

    AGNC is a newly formed REIT. Right now its got a 20% Dividend. and its ready to run if it crosses the 28. breakout. I would own it for the Dividend alone.
  7. Real interesting call on TICC. I've done some quick research, and I like it. Except, I think the break out may have already begun. I'll be watching and might consider it on a pull back.
  8. I'm not sure how much you rely on TA/PA as opposed to fundamental analysis ... but the dividend on AGNC looks a little unsustainable. Do you disagree?

    They paid about $80m in dividends, but only earned $93m. In this case, we're dealing with an REIT. It's possible that the analysis is a little different from them, so maybe I'm wrong.
  9. REIT's by LAW have to pass through the earnings to remain a REIT. I dont have the official SEC links but it's I think 90% of earnings. Thats why they always have the best dividends. But with the high Div and P/E of only 5. I think its a buy with a good stop in place. Worth the risk to me. This REIT is relatively new and underowned.

    Maybe you could help me. What is the Average of REITs and Earnings to Div's???
  10. That's a good point. Somewhere in the back of my head I knew that. So I guess the question becomes - can they keep up the earnings?

    Also, I'm unfortunately unaware of the averages for REITs/Earnings to dividends.
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