Stocks to rise into Royal wedding week

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  1. It's a once in 50 years experience by the elite of the elite.

    Everything will be put into place ensuring there will be one and only one headline next week.

    I think.:p
  2. No one in the US cares about the wedding outside of the same people who watch Jersey Shore and American Idol....most of whom have no influence on our mkts.

  3. London is the biggest financial city in the world....That has to count for something.
  4. What about when the "redhead" boy gets married? :confused:
  5. Although that's true, stocks will rise or fall for reasons that have nothing to do with a Royal wedding, but pundits will of course try to create a link where there isn't one.

  6. Yes, CNBC will be all over it.

    I bet they will have porcelain and wedding ring specials every day.
  7. No one cares about the Royals.

    Remember how America was founded. It was paid for with the lives of thousands of American patriots fighting against the British Royals, the symbol of anti-freedom, of oppression of the working man. Everything that America stands for finds its antithesis in the British Royals.

    God bless the United States of America.
  8. You guys just replaced the Royals with Hollywood celebs.
  9. Queen Victoria's Secret? :D
  10. luisHK


    Ship some guillotines to UK as a wedding present, that could clean up part of the disgrace...
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