Stocks to park my $$ in with High Dividends

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by sledged, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Thanks for the assistance, the links to past posts were very helpful. I think i am going to stick to my original long term, large cap, high div, high yield strategy, but I will wait for market pull back before I do so. I dont think it would be too smart to buy into this incredible strength. Thanks again all.
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    If you are in it for the long-haul like your original post states then you are making a mistake waiting for the market to pull back before investing. What if the market just keeps going up and up? You will end up kicking yourself for not getting in now when it was cheaper. If market timing was easy everyone here would be rich.
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  4. Stock picking is a tough game. one bad pick can wipe out most of your gains. For the most part stick with the big ETFs like the SPY. The exceptions are MO because of it's high dividend due to moral issues and the "too big to fail" financials. Remember the discipline of indexes is almost priceless and is hard to beat. Don't fool around with individual stocks as long term holdings.
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    It is way to early to hit sledged with a dose of mkt reality.....:D as time moves on the truth of mkt timing hits everyone.

    Dividend stocks are in general non-growers (thats why dividends are paid out in first place). Taxes and inflation will eat up any stock and income from divi.

    BOTTOM line............NO GUTS, NO GLORY

    at age 23 .......this is the time to take some chances, go for some gusto. It is way to young to become a couch potato.

    Get married to a Lady and see how fast those "SLOW" dollars disappear when the kids come and the love of your life decides either the house is to small or she "SUGGESTS" the kitchen needs a remodel. ...:eek: :D

    Sledged, have you been making the BINGO parlors in your area?
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    Doesn't really make sense, but thanks for your input.
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  7. Pimco bond funds, pick one. I think they distribute monthly.
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  8. Don't you have to worry about losing principle "park" your money in a dividend yielding stock? Just imagine "parking" your money in Enron or Worldcon for the dividend.
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  9. Grab a "REIT" on dips around the ex-d/cash record date. Do your dd and get the 8% or better. NFI and AHM are both very solid in their sectors. I don't own at the present, but have traded through their dividends in the past.
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  10. I think your one sharp kid....(no disrespect intended)

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