Stocks to park my $$ in with High Dividends

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    I am 23 and looking to park my money in 5 or 6 large cap, high dividend paying equities. I am in the commodities industry and dont have the time to watch the equity markets so I want to park my funds into companies that will be around for the long run and provide me capital gains as well as pay me dividends which i will reinvest and let my returns compound over the next 30 years or so. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of suggestions as to some good companies to satisfy these criteria. I was thinking Walmart, Microsoft, Home Depot, companies of the like. Any suggestions or other strategies are appreciated. I know this is a trading website but I want to go this route on top of possibly trading a small account on the side. Thanks for any help in advance
  2. REITs paying out 8% or better....NFI, AHM

    BUD, KO, CVX
  3. none of these pay much for dividends. look at mo, c, or dvy.
  4. Nike . . . you should look into i-Share dividend fund.

    THey should pay me a fee . ..I'm always pumping them here.
  5. You also may want to consider quality mutual funds or ETF's as well. You can get some info on no-load funds just about anywhere and there is good info on ETF's out there as well.
  6. Just dump it all into EFUT! :cool:

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    PFE or MRK
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    Nothing, NOTHING is guaranteed.

    Timing is the name of the game, always has been always will be.

    In 30 years from now msft might be dust, Coca Cola might be history. In the year 2036 the BUSH library might even set a new attendance record by drawing in 7 or 8 visitors for the year.

    I wish you luck but if anyone thinks it is as easy as you seem to will ned more than good luck.

    I need to quit looking at the forums, some get silly.
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