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  1. Everyone is assuming that the market is going to zero and there is no point in buying stocks?
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    stock trad3r, you should get a job on CNBC, I hear there may be a job going on the mad money hour.
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    and on the same color....purple. :D
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  5. I don't understand all the hostility to telling people to buy AAPL and GOOG? These stocks really seem to piss people off for some reason. Nothing wrong with recommending GM and C, but telling people to buy a quality stock such as RIMM seems to evoke a lot of anger. The same for Mastercard and Visa.
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    The funny part is not about your inability to pick winning stocks but your ability to justify your wrong prediction. :D

    What funny in Cramer is not about his wrong predictions but his ability to repeat them over and over again.

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  7. stock, there are no do-overs in trading. You have been positive on EVERY one of those stocks since the very fucking TOP. People following your advise have gotten blown out. face FACTS, you have been destroyed by the mkt, you have nothing left to buy (moneywise, if in fact you ever did in the first place) correct?
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  8. I'm down a lot. Some my picks got killed. When the sp00z was at 1252 many of these stocks were holding up very well, especially potash and commodity. Then in the span of a few months the bottom suddenly falls out. Oil crashes from 145 to 60.
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  9. It's ok then; the market forgives you. It will even give you another chance to kick the football, and it will hold it for you.
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  10. Look just learn to play on the "dark side" of the market (the short side) and bear markets won't seem scary at all. It is an interesting feeling coming home looking at the charts of a financial instrument seeing it is down 20% and realizing you made money on it.
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