Stocks that shoudn't be where they are

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  1. 1. CMG

    CMG should be a $24 stock at best. Their food sucks and is expensive compared to Taco Bell. I once had a beef taco and the beef was barely edible and the taco was extremely watery. I can't believe people will willingly spend $11 a meal on crappy so called 'organic' food.

    2. GME

    This stock needs to revist $27 very soon. There is a gamestop near where live. It is almost very empty; almost as if it is forlorn. No one seems to shop there. Why buy games at gamestop when you can just buy them online? Makes no sense to me since its not like there are any advantages to buying them at a gamestop store.

    I am not short in any of these, but they need to go much lower
  2. I completely agree with you on both calls.
  3. I think that is the first time I have read a post saying you think a stock overvalued. Congrads StockTurder!
  4. Crox is down 27% in AH

    I can easily envision GME or CMG falling 20%+ in a single earnings report.

    Am I gonna short? No way. I'll only consider shorting when one of these stocks reports a disaterous quarter and all the momo traders take their money out.

    If GME falls to $40 on a bad earnings report it will easily fall $20 and that is where I step in.

    CMG and GME have CROX written all of it. These stocks just suck.
  5. If GME sells used games, wouldn't they pick up sales during a recession? But whatever, I'm not going to touch it.

    And with CMG, it's one of those "upscale" fast food restaurants. Nowadays, a lot of people wouldn't be caught dead in McDonalds or Taco Bell. They'd rather eat at "trendier" places like Panera, CMG, etc. Will it last, who knows.
  6. And also there's the whole health craze nowadays. Hmm, this tastes like shit, so it must be healthy for me!
  7. Um MCDonalds stock has been on fire for the past six years and shows no sign of slowing. With the economy slowing people are going to eat more fast food and abandon overpriced specialty restaurants like Chipotle, Starbucks, and Panera.
  8. CMG isn't close to being a comparison to CROX. CROX was a fad, CMG actually has a solid business model.

    A strong and unique product in a saturated fast food market. Good profits, growing earnings, no debt and no cash problems.

    As long as they continue to grow building stores and have no cash problems, there is no reason the stock will come down in price.

    You're going to be waiting a LONG TIME for this stock to crash.
  9. Wrong...restaurants are fairly recession proof. Eating out and entertainment are fairly stable entities in any market.

    While their overall sales will come down as they will in every industry, overall, the restaurant business can hold it's own with a decent amount of strength in a bad economy.
  10. And thats why I'm not short. Let the tards keep bidding it up until the company inevitably drops a stinker and falls 15-20% in a single day on really high volume. Then I'll step in and short.

    Looks the top management is doing a fine job lining their pockets:

    and insiders are selling like crazy:

    no buys

    And apparently a lot of people think chipotle sucks:

    CMG is a train wreck waiting to happen
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