Stocks that have moved x % in x time

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    I'm looking for a scanner that will allow you to find stocks with, for example, these characteristics: Price 20-50, Volume over 100K, have moved up or down 3% or more in the last 30 minutes. The only softwares I know of that can do this are Traderbot and SortWizard, but both of them have issues. I looked at my Trade-Ideas columns, and I don't see anything resembling such a search.

    I would want the ability to rund multiple windows at the same time, so I could have different price settings in each.
  2. Is this a planted question? Are you with TI? this is too easy but I'll bite - your set-up looks like this: I named it "Up or Down 3% in 30 Min"

    good luck
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    No, not planted. Thanks, I'll give this a try. I noticed the volatility filter says 'Volatility is a measure of how quickly a stock's price typically changes.' I'm not looking for what typically happens. I'm looking for what is actually happening right now.
  4. This an easy and very dynamic measure to take.

    Furthermore, you can view it in a relative way for the stocks you are tracking.

    I am not sure of a few details of your question however.

    If you have an overall selection criteria to be focused on a particular universe, the you can put that list on Qcharts and it will automatically sort in real time to give you what you want.

    Use the column labelled "unusual volume" for the sort. The stocks you desire will rise to the top of the list as the market proceeds from open.

    If you have no criteria that gives you a presorted universe and you are looking for stocks from the entire market assortment then go to a sector specific sorting system. There are many and they operate with a specific area assigned to a stock using a rectangular area. A red/green color spectrum is ordinarily used in real time. The deeper the color the more extreme the moves.

    A third possibility that requires to you make a list is the type that makes a % change graph for the day. It only works with predetermined hot lists and, thus, is commonly used as a portfolio monitor or fo high velocity cross over trading.
  5. Ok. I gave this a bit more thought - especially after seeing it only picked up one stock today.

    Here is the modified strategy that produced some nice ones like ALGT (down) and EFUT (up) today