Stocks Software "Go Up, Go Up"

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  1. My friend looks at the computer screen and says to the stock market software "go up, go up". Later he says my prediction are coming true.

    My friend thinks if somebody says the stock markets will crash and world economy is not profitable then this person is mad or has mental problems.

    My friend thinks if somebody makes predictions then this person is mad or has mental problems. But my friend makes predictions everyday about stock markets rising but the stock markets fall next day.

    How many people here say to stocks software "go up, go up" or "go down, go down"?

    I think my friend knows some mental doctors who have brain washed my friend.

    My friend thinks if somebody is not hungry and does not want to eat food then this person is mad or has mental problems.

    My friend thinks if somebody shoots and kills 90 people (Norway) then this person is mad or has mental problems.

    My friend thinks dictators and aggressive people are mad or have mental problems.

    But my friend says money printing madness by Obama is good for world economy. He thinks he will earn money from stock markets rising and he will defeat high inflation. He is not concerned about serious world high inflation.

    Many times I say to my friend "are you mad".

    Some 5 days I posted something in other forum (Bearice style) and somebody replied by posting a picture of Obama saying "are you mad".

    I replied saying "look what is behind you in the picture". There was fire in the background.

    Useless mental doctors brain wash innocent and gullible people so that mental doctors earn rich money and live a luxury life. Useless mental doctors do not have any talent or knowledge to earn money when their mental hospitals are shut down and they will starve to death. So they fool and fraud people making them believe that millions of people have mental problems.

    My friend is a gullible person and a big idiot but he thinks he the most intelligent person in the world.

    I always defeat my friend in financial debate and world debate and then my friend starts shouting. But when I get angry he runs away. He is becoming a headache for me.

    My friend has 0% world knowledge and he thinks money is the world.
  2. OMG they let you come back? This board sucks enough without you but you make it HORRIBLE. This place is as bad as Yahoo!
  3. Trolling is Most Important Occupation in World.

    Trolling means fishing with many lines or hooks.

    More than 2 Billion people survive from fishing. So trolling is the most important occupation and business in the world.

    If you post an online poll then majority of people will say "Google trolls the web".

    So all search engines trolls the web or internet. Without search engines there will be no internet traffic.

    Basically without trolling there will be no internet traffic. Think about it.

    Why do some forum members get banned and the reason given "trolling"?

    Troll means fish by drawing bait along in water. Read original English Dictionary.

    Troll also means sing in carefree spirit.

    There are only 2 meanings for troll. 1) Fishing and 2) Sing carefree.

    Google crawls the web for information. Forum members also crawls the web for information.

    What is the difference between Google and Forum members?

    Internet survives from crawling and trolling. Excellent.

    Forum members also search for information in forums and also share information. Why are some forum members termed as "trolls"?

    Forum members must also be known as "crawlers" because they crawl the internet for information.

    Baron (elitetrader owner) has received this message by email.

    Bearice is the most important troll in the world and he is back.

    Internet survives because of Bearice. I am the most respected and dangerous man on the internet. I am the rightful owner of internet and internet belongs to me.

    O Baby O Baby everything you need.

  4. Earth to Beatrice...take your meds!
  5. I had written to a highly intelligent forum member that "25% of forum members are mad".

    He replied to me saying "no, 50% of forum members are mad"

    If somebody posts world changing information or important information or controversial information or the person is aggressive and angry then many forum members start shouting mad, lunatic, retard, medication, doctors, mental hospital, mental asylum.

    Usually people who support porn and prostitution they start shouting mad because mad people think the whole world is mad.

    All the mental hospitals in the world will be shut down forever because they survive on grants and donations. Many people take advantage of these useless mental hospitals and mental doctors and they trouble millions of people worldwide.

    My friend says George Bush should be sent to mental hospital because Bush speaks to God. He also says Hitler was mad and had mental disease. I asked him if Hiltler had mental health problems how did Hitler control the world's powerful army.

    Just as people take advantage of loopholes in law, the same way people take advantage of mental hospital and mad and they trouble respected, powerful and intelligent people in the world.

    The "cleaning Tsunami" is heading for the world. In fact I think the cleaning has already started.