Stocks sell off as tanks roll into Gaza

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    my prediction for tomorrows newspaper headlines....
  2. Does this mean that Yasser Arafat fathered Anna Nicole's baby?
  3. Stocks will sell off b/c leading economic indicators are lagging even worse than they were in January.

  4. Old news...

    12:32--- Some Israeli tanks have entered N Gaza, according to Palestinian residents - Dow Jones
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    correct, but watch the situation deteriorate over the next 24hrs...
  6. Wall Street is too busy celebrating Gas prices going up 4%. No one has time for BAD news :p
  7. Mid east conflict not big news at all
  8. stocks won't sell off today, they will squeeze higher into the close before May option expiration.
  9. One of my best friends is going to Israel this weekend and we met an Israeli guy two days ago who said, the next war will commence shortly. He was talking about Israel v. Lebanon...not Palestine though.

    We'll see, I'd not expect the non-war condition to last much longer with Olmert riding the bull.
  10. No, what do you think about google stock_turder? where's your anti-google advocacy website? LMAO! :p
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