Stocks Selection off the NEWS services...Whats your plan ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Digs, Aug 31, 2003.

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    Hi, This is one of those 'grey' areas of trading where many a trader has there own nack of finding stocks with a "strong news" story behind it, that forces the stock to be traded on the intraday buy either 80% buyers or 80% sellers, thus hopefully giving up many easy entry levels for a trader to profit from.

    Obviously news which can motivate a stock ( like the above )news stories can be from
    -Stocks upgrade or down grades
    -IPOs listing ( well in the old days)
    -Mergers and Acquisitions
    -Conference calls
    ...NOTE : these stories are generally well posted on sites like Yahoo and others...AND more importantly the stock reaction to news is for all to play with, rather than the senior analysts getting the news first, then one hour latter it hits the news services and the retail traders get the left overs.

    But as we know there is a mass of news services out there like Dow Jones,, etc, there are many other stories that can push a stock like..
    - new product view good or bad
    - CEO resigns
    - etc

    And this is the traders skill, on how a trader finds the good stories that will push the stock in a strong fashion as described above, how a trader finds these stories is what I am interested in...SO IF YOU use news to make your stock selection how about posting your ideas of your methods.....