Stocks Rise as Fed Hasn’t Ruled Out Stimulus

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  1. "The Fed stands ready to take action,’’ said Michael Yoshikami, chief executive officer and founder of YCMNet Advisors, which manages $1.1 billion in Walnut Creek, California. “They did reaffirm they have not taken off the table additional action if conditions merit, and the market has been concerned that once quantitative easing expired, they would take off the table any additional stimulus."
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    Funny. Only a month ago, Bernanke along with other economists implicitly stated that the best cure is to do nothing and let the economy work itself out over time.

    BTW Bernanke & Co. bought just about all of the Treasury's net bond issuance for this year. How the hell will they stimulate this time around considering that extending the Federal Debt ceiling is now about to boil over with majority of the public? They have no chance of buying up further Treasurys.
  3. Stocks rise?
  4. They wrote the article during the little time (5 minutes) it was green.:)
  5. yeah, those monkeys type fast.
  6. Maybe they wrote 2 versions for the same news, and post the one that goes with price--- like trend traders do.