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  1. According to technical analysis to predict the Dow Jones fell.
    4/23,4/26,4/27 Evening Doji Star.
    4/29,4/30 Tweezers,Engulfing patterns.
    4/9~5/4 S-H-S, 11000 is NL.
    5/4 Through the MA(25),The best selling point.

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    Good analysis.
    Looks pretty bearish. Though the longer term MA offers some support.
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  4. i don't know when we're going to see the dow climb back to 11k.

    i don't mind though. i'm long on "qid." :D
  5. I think that any support needs verification. So we don't know where it is.
  6. i think support is right round the 9.9 - 10k range.

    just my discretionary analysis. no charge:D
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    I like this though...

  9. Stocks are in a stable downward trend. When out of the bear market is not known. We can only wait and see.
  10. For this analysis, do you have any comment?
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