Stocks move incredibly fast today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by frank123, Jul 23, 2003.

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    Is it my own feeling, or do you feel it as well, that the stocks move way faster than spring time?

    The time frame I am talking about is 1 minute. When BRCM, NVDA, and QLGC reached their highs and lows today, they reverse with incredible speed. I am talking about 15 to 20 cents in a matter of seconds. Yes stocks normally move fast when they reverse at highs and lows, but today's move is much faster than they are in spring time.

    Could it be that dumb money is not here in the summer and only smart money is playing? Program trading?

    Anyone can shed some light?
  2. I thought smart money was out and only dumb money was
    playing in the summer :confused:

    -FastTrader :p
  3. frank123


    Thanks for your reply, fast trader!

    Damn, I wish I have same chrisma as GG. He made a post and in no time there are hundreds of replies. I post one and wait half an hour and only my buddy fast trader cares to speak.:( :(
  4. Don't we all wish we had the same charisma as our friend GG :D

    -FastTrader :cool:
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    Great day ... Much news heading into today.... Many pundits and shops talking stocks up while shorting or closing out positions. Many profitable short plays today .....
  6. Very true. Look at all the morning high flyers. The chart looked something like this: /\__ :D

  7. frank123


    Got to say I love the earnings season!

    I openned this thread since there are times I can get out of a trade (usually a portion of my position) at the vicinity of the very top or bottom at a local high or local low by watching price and volume. Today the price just moves too damn fast for me to do that, except on BRCM, which moves slower than others.
  8. Frank...your thread is up to 2 pages :eek:

    -FastTrader :D