Stocks love a weak dollar...

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  1. Why?
    and until when?

    This collapse in the USD is amazing..

    Does Benny not care?
  2. Does it matter? No

    Market going up, rich get richer, all is well and mastercard& visa making tons of moeny
  3. Daal


    according to him, the dollar is responsability of the Treasury Department
  4. What for ? Dow Components like weak USD...:D
  5. It directly matters you turd. This is one of your Dan Quayle-retarded statements...probably worse actually. :p
  6. bluud


    US sales to foreign countries rise when the dollar drops ... the more it drops the more they sell for they are selling at a lower price ... when imports rise so does the dollar ... we buy cheaper ... sales go up so do stocks ... right Benny???
  7. unbelievable ignorant fool......did it ever occur to you that your dollars held in your pathetic etrade account are not worth as much....the dollar is being devalued in front of your face & you still don`t get it..........well,every villiage has one..just so happens we have the greatest one of all.....the idiot. :p
  8. Actually stock_turder is correct. People with no income or assets will not be hurt by a weak dollar.:D
  9. you think a weak dollar affects his food stamps? Does he get more food stamps due to food price inflation? :confused:
  10. Um the rate of inflation is 4%. If you beat that you're ahead.

    Cheap dollar will mostly affect you if you buy and travel overseas which I have no plans to anyway.
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