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  1. itisme


    Hi all,
    Do you know where to download a list of all US stocks , The list should have the
    Company Name Ticker Sector

    Agilent Technologies Inc A ELECTRONICS
    Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd AEM MINING
    Agria Corp Ads GRO AGRICULTURE

    I found good one at
    but unfortunatly it has only 2470 stocks
    Many thanks
  2. hughb


    At you can download their software for a free trial. You have the ability to sort the stocks by sector, OR sort them Alphabetically. So you could use the software to sort them by sector, export the list to a spreadsheet, and then have the spreadsheet sort them alphabetically with the sector in the last column. It has all stocks except the pinks.
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    hughb, Thank you for your reply.
    I just don't like to install a software that I don't know and I hate to fill up forms , placing my C C on a site that I don't know .
    I'm just looking for a text file or comma separated file , so I can use in simple VB program I'm developing .
    Is there any alternative
    Thank you
  5. itisme


    learner2007 --> Thank you for your reply
    This not a list to download I have to click on every letter and see about 14 pages for every letter , It will take ages like that.
    beside the that , the list dosenot show the Industry .
    Thank you
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  7. gkishot


    With your programming skills it would be not that difficult to prepare the text file you are looking for by extracting this information from different websites.
  8. itisme