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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Adobian, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Adobian


    ENTG $2.81. I sold this morning at 2.80

    BGP. $3.39

    FCSX $3.75. Lost 39% in a day. To lose $25 million due to bad debts. Downgraded by BOA. Stock buy back announced 3 months ago.

    BX $9.03

    AIG. 2.41 (not sure why I like this stock at this level)

    DNR. Bought at 13.70 at closing today.
  2. Adobian


    Sold DNR at 13.07 for a loss of 61 cents. Ouch.

    I don't know how low this OBAMA sell off is going to get. But it hit my stop loss. Now it's a bit higher :mad:

    This should teach me again and again to not to chase a stock at the higher end of a run. ($8-$14)
  3. Adobian


    Is the sell off over yet?

    We should see 7000ish again, correct?