stocks going higher.. any news?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gobar, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. gobar


    what happen?

    dow was down 98 and now its down only 30 :eek:
  2. Here's the news: You're short!
  3. There is a mass realization that the citi thing was no big deal, the liquidity subprime mess is over and that it is time 2 buy.

    No one wants to be short when all the bad news is already priced in. Everyone is tired of the same old citi news and liquidity.
  4. "Turnaround Tuesday" is being set up.
  5. Mysterious heavy volume at the base! PPT to the rescue!
  6. Perfect textbook rebound from the support of 13450 on the dow

    shorts are completely ******

    there will be no mercy
  7. you know it.....that 94/96 zone is exactly where they stepped in on 10/24......that is one hell of a protected zone.....& one nice neckline!
  8. These quick rallies off of the lows of the day have been occuring pretty frequently lately.
  9. The 2:30 rebound almost never fails

    At some point there is a mass panic. People need to close their short positions.

    Now we're green

    what happened to the citi news? Already over? No more selling?
  10. The news is shorts taking profits, causes the market to rise.
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