Stocks for Weekly Options Day Trading? No Overnight Holds.

Discussion in 'Options' started by easymon1, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. easymon1


    Stocks for Weekly Options Day Trading?

    Simple Buying of ~40 Delta Calls / Puts based on 5m Stock chart triggers.
    Looking for 5 or 6 timely stocks.

    Does anybody here do this or know someone who does?
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  2. SPY/$SPXW.X and QQQ have plenty of liquidity, narrow spreads, and 3 expirations per week.
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  3. bln


    High IV meme stocks? lot's price volatility in intraday price and gamma in the weekly's.
  4. Jeff82


    SPY and QQQ for sure. If you want high volatility IWM and USO. If you want lower volatility GLD and TLT.
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  6. SPY is king of options trading. Super liquidity in the options market.