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    I'm trying to learn more about trading, specifically swing trading. I've done a lot of reading on it, and I worked at the CBOT for a while, trying to absorb everything. I've been trying to follow stocks throughout the day, and I was wondering, what type of stocks would a swing trader focus on. The ones I've been looking at seem to lack volatility and only change a tiny bit throughout the day. Should I look at tech stocks, internet stocks...? Thank you Very much.

  2. MSFT,QCOM,EBAY,VRSN,QLGC,VRTS,NVDA,BRCM,BRCD and EMLX, just to name a few are all volatile stocks great for day,preferably, or swing trading.
  3. I have been swingtrading for just over 2 years with reasonable results. How I do it is described here (it is free and non-commercial)

    The advice in the previous post doesn't work for me. I prefer to stay away from the daytrader's favorites
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    Thank you very much. I really Appreciate it.
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    Swing trading with Daytrading stocks will chop you up IMO. One problem is "Daytrading" stocks tend to gap up and down a lot overnight, which can be unnerving and cause you to close positions too early. Of course the gaps tend to offset in the long run, but they lack the smooth rise and descent for me to trade profitably over multiple days.
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    I went to the site you gave above and all I saw were a buch of threads.

    Can you be more specific as to where you discuss swingtrading?


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    Another good "free" Swingtrading site is I use most of his same rules for entry and exit, and find them to be very profitable if used correctly. He has exact instructions on entering orders through the IB interface. Haven't looked at it for 5 months though so it might have changed.
  8. "I went to the site you gave above and all I saw were a buch of threads. "

    Most of the threads deal with some aspect of swing trading. Start with the "Guidance for Newcomers to the Board" thread and work from there.