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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Zarrar, Jan 23, 2001.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Can anyone suggest stock for intraday trading. Late last year I traded NUAN, IWOV, OPWV, AKAM, sometimes INKT, and VERT regularly. It was a good mix of picks, they kept me busy all day. These daysas of late, NUAN, SCMR, AETH and OPWV as of today have matured to show intraday volatility. My question to you: Are there other stocks out there that are volatile. Thanks for your input.

  2. I just scan every hour for those stocks that are showing a high percentage of the average daily volume. If it trades more than 200% by noon or so, you can be guaranteed that it will be volatile. Don't forget that volume is the key to everything. Then look for the largest % movers. That should give you the daily list of what to trade.
  3. Some of the stocks in the "basket" that we follow at our site are AMCC, ARBA, BRCD, BRCM, CIEN, EXTR, INKT, ITWO, JDSU, JNPR, NTAP, PMCS, QCOM, RBAK, SCMR, SEBL, and VRTS.

    We will look at others, like OPWV yesterday and today, based on other factors (news, volume, etc.), but this is the "core" we've been trading for awhile with very good results.
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    Thanks for the tip guys. I just recently ordered OmniTrader, perhaps this will help facilitate the lookout process for day trading. Any comments on OmniTrader. Thanks again.