Stocks Could Be Headed for More Losses

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  1. LOS ANGELES (TheStreet) -- The stock-market slide isn't over yet, says David Wright, manager of the Sierra Core Retirement Fund(SIRAX). He's keeping more than half of the mutual fund in cash.

    The Sierra Core Retirement Fund has returned 3.7% this year, better than 99% of its rival funds, which have fallen an average of 1.3%, according to Morningstar(MORN). The fund has gained 13% during the past year, outperforming two-thirds of rival funds.
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    Is the worst over for stocks?
    Wright: No, not at all. We're still in very dangerous waters here. Among other things, we had a bulge in sentiment. We had a lot of very exuberant trading over the past three or four months. We have all of the major signs of a top behind us, and we're only part way down on a major down cycle. I see more downside in equities in the second half. Perhaps a drop of 20% to 25% and maybe even more than that.

    He´s keeping more than HALF of the mutual fund in cash...LOL. Unbelievable.
  2. What's unbelievable is 7000 posts in 3 years.

    This is a TRADING site.

    My 93 year old grandmother, blind in one eye, and hobbles with a cane could passively put her funds in a Vanguard index fund and out-perform two thirds of money managers.

    That renders your post worth less (as opposed to totally worthless). But you're getting there.

    As a sidenote, "natty" isn't just a reggae term.
  3. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe I will add one or two markets to the 70 I am trading daily ;=)
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  5. 1) +3.7% versus -1.3%.......Managers who pride themselves on not being as bad as everyone else.:(
    2) He's "bearish" yet still 50% invested. Make up your mind! :mad:
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    Yeah, I had loss in countrywide. I've had four losses in June, a few in May, some in April, I'd have to look at March. IF I don't have losses, I'm not making enough trades. But net net, I profitable just about every quarter since............................

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