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Discussion in 'Trading' started by steve46, May 21, 2004.

  1. Hey Folks:
    I have a boatload of old Stocks & Commodities and Futures magazines that I am going to either sell or throw them into a trash bag and toss them out. So that we are all clear on this, I think Stocks & Commodities has turned into an advertising rag and lately the articles are crap. Future Magazine in contrast is a bit better but still is a glorified ad machine for brokers and vendors. I havent learned anything new from these magazines for a long while. So that should take care all the irritating folks who ask "why are you selling it?" (I am selling them because I am tired of seeing them lying there collecting dust). Why should anyone buy them? Well I doubt that any successful trader will. However a newby or inexperienced trader may want them and could actually learn from them. Also a collector may find value in them at some point in the future. If I get an offer that motivates me to put them in a box and ship them I will do that. If not, I am going to dump them into my incinerator. Just eyeballing the stacks I would guess I have several years of back issues. Regards, Steve46
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    Steve, you must have an MBA in Marketing and Sales from, let me guess... Harvard?

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