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  1. This month I will receive some cash from a maturing insurance policy. At the moment banks are only giving 1% interest. I would like to put this money in 8-10 stocks where I would earn more than 1%

    Any recommendation much appreciated. Thanks
  2. LeapFrog

    It isn't going anywhere. Sure, others make tablets, but LeapFrog has the best content in the industry.

    tons of cash with zero debt
    strong growth
    short squeeze very likely
  3. GE, HPQ, PG, ELN, MRK, BMY, CHK, USB, MYL, WAG. You still want to keep any eye on these if you buy , to make sure they are still trending upwards. You will definately make money on these stocks.
  4. Thanks so much. I will check them out one by one and I will comment and ask your opinion.
  5. If you want to buy and hold, I recommend Dogs of the Dow.

    They take the 10 stocks in the Dow that pay the highest dividend and buy equal portions of each on the first day of each year. Each year they readjust their positions accordingly. It generally does pretty well. Google it and you'll find their site.
  6. The stocks I gave you are lofty but good stocks here is the break-down of those stocks.
    GE pivot high 5-22 at 24.13 suggested buy point 1. 23.30 2. 22.85.
    HPQ pivot high 5-23 at 24.95 suggested buy point 1. 23.40 2. 22.50.
    PG pivot high 5-24 at 82.35 suggested buy point 1. 79.70 2. 78.15.
    ELN pivot high 5-24 at 12.55 suggested buy point 1. 12.00 2. 11.70.
    MRK pivot high 5-22 at 48.30 suggested buy point 1. 45.90 2. 44.45.
    BMY pivot high 5-24 at 47.55 suggested buy point 1. 45.10 2. 43.60.
    CHK pivot high 5-23 at 21.78 suggested buy point 1. 20.25 2. 19.35.
    USB pivot high 5-22 at 35.90 suggested buy point 1. 34.90 2. 34.25.
    MYL pivot high 5-22 at 32.09 suggested buy point 1. 30.50 2. 29.55.
    WAG pivot high 5-22 at 51.20 suggested buy point 1. 48.85 2. 47.60.
    Wait for a pullback on these stocks then try to get in at these buy point levels, then hold.
  7. Oil may be an interesting play, consider looking at XOM or MRO.
  8. As I said on my earlier post about the 10 stocks, WAIT FOR THE PULLBACK, it will come sooner than you think.
  9. START BUYING , most of those stocks I mentioned earlier in the post are in the buy zone. 1600 is about the bottom for the S&P, at least this go around.
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