Stocks bucking the Market.

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  1. Buying more VWTR, love the chart!
    #41     Jul 8, 2021
  2. No complaints, the gain on my SPCE $45s and AMC $45 puts which paid for AMC $48 puts at $1.6 sold at $2.5 exceeded the shit XELA. Looking forward to see how Design brands pans out. Paid $5.74(now), $5.85-$6.20 while scaling up. Long time sellers were dumping even at $6 nice size blocks.
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  3. I had been ignoring the news for quite a long time because of the confusion that it creates. But I believe I shouldn't be doing it.
    #43     Jul 12, 2021
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  4. I started buying BTBT late in to the game because I get up to trade last three hours unless doctor gives me some adds. Entry $7.9-$8.20. at 3/4s at $9.35. I don't know anything about Bitcoin. Only follow option volume and stock spiking. BTBT is one of those 50-50 AH plays, keeping a tiny amount for AH.
    #44     Jul 26, 2021
  5. Sold 2300 @ $9.75 moving my average up to $7.77. Originally it was near $7.00. No idea what the company does, started buying with position hitting 3000 shares. Holding 700.

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  6. KCalhoun


    TLRY was up
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  7. Been holding LC forever, finally! Cost basis is: upload_2021-7-28_14-6-25.png Proves we can hold stocks?
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  8. Sold the carry over plus more(8.2-9.30) at $10.60. Not a bad way to go back to bed.
    #48     Jul 29, 2021
  9. FLGC I figured was worth carrying some over because AH action did not break it below the Close $8.17 very long($7.65 low). Before 8pm it was at $9.09 fake price, actually $9.00
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  10. I have written about AEHR here, since $5 its blowing past $8.50. Promised to hold NTNX, been a long journey, it took out its ATM at $43.00.
    #50     Sep 3, 2021