Stocks bucking the Market.

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  1. No idea what LWLG does other than up parabolic as it blow's past $14.50. AUUD went nuts, most small pumps are killing it. MRIN was incredible! VINO gaining traction, NIO sold some calls after hitting $50, buying some longer dated ones.
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  2. PBTS getting stronger after big seller busted it down from $2.23 to $2.00 using a huge Reserve Book at $2.09 adjusting order $2.04. I bought at $2.08 trying to sell at $2.5 or higher or dump stop-loss at $2.1 now.
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  3. Taking some off at $2.65, leaving a little for AH action.
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    Nat Gas : BIR and ARX underplayed the move but junior Crew Energy hit a significant new high before pulling back some of the move. CR ( on TSX ) bottomed out at 0.14 last year touched $2.20 today. I'm also seeing renewed activity in green energy ( eg QST ). Alibaba might be a good way to play recent short term strength in IT and Asian markets.

    Oil producers may take back the gauntlet tomorrow from the nat gas plays but BIR tends to correlate somewhat with Oil moves.
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  5. Thanks, I like O&G plays wondering why one of mine stalled.
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  6. LWLG now up almost 300 percent!
    NIO calls sold the Fridays $50s bought from the $.90s-$1.40 above $3.50.

    Yesterday bought BLIN at $3, its $7.40 if my eyes are right. Did not remember I bought 700 shares until reading alerts.
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    My observation in Canada is these stocks are hard to follow for days at a time they tend to attract attention ( and volume ) in fits and starts. Most fund managers have missed the boat on this sector so it's a fairly limited pool of people making big purchases. However, once they do choose to buy in volume the stocks can do 10-30% in a day depending on their size of operations.

    I've done extremely well since October on these but have missed some great moves here or there simply because the stock looked relatively weak for weeks at a time. My main thesis remains $80 WTI so I'm holding onto a basket of 5-8 stocks at all times. Occasionally I sell the wrong ones at a profit and they make a big move. Risk management has in theory dropped my profits a
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  8. WEI $2.52 looking interesting, sellers let it go to $2.60 and bust down to $2.38. Watching closely as it breaks out.
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  9. WEI, did not break away from the Shorts pounding the hell out of it. I would have entered if we could have taken out $2.70 clean. Now all the pumpers are stuck because volume will probably dry.
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  10. Buying a little OPTT in the $2.80s for AH or overnight. I averaged up on BLIN $4.90 cost. Using gains on AMC and SPCE $50 puts that went nuts from $.5-.62 to $2.5+ and $1 to $4 plus. Thinking hard about carrying over MRIN. CUEN bought more in the $5.90 range and DIDI $14s.
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