Stocks bucking the Market.

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    Here ya go.... CGC was like $45 or more.

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    This one is even better...
    MJ has been cut in half, but not for that.... my beloved TSLA was at $58 . That includes the split.
    Bitcoin got cut in half too btw.
    Then it soared obviously.

    And Stoney think's he's good.
    Where'd dpz close today btw?

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    Thoughts on BFLY, FINV, and KPTI? :D

    Edit: these stocks are NOT bucking the market but I recently entered positions in them
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    There was a rider on that statement in other posts...That's if the banks are allowed to handle weed company monies. It is a macro-related outlook.
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  6. KPTI is the only one I would consider, it has a nice short uptrend. ideally stocks taking out new highs with excitement. AMBA fits that profile, KEYS, INMD and KRNT unless it’s a WS Bets play(SPIR).

    Van is better with charts than me, I would love his opinion on them.
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    Yeah my suggestions were for Van since he asked "Next?" :D even if he wasn't talking to me

    I would consider myself to have a high tolerance for risk but the stocks you suggested are difficult for me to analyze a proper risk/reward. I suppose that I'm a bottom sniffer. I will keep an eye on them and will probably regret not taking some positions but I will sleep better at night. Best of luck Ted
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  8. PAVM $9.70, not a bad stock.
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  9. 15 AFRM $130s $2.2-2.60 average, out $4.60. Still holding some my AEHR, now over a double.

    Edit: Cost basis is distorted because I bought back on the pullback from $12 to $10.5 before earnings.
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  10. Reddit pumpers spreading CEI, its $2 now.
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