Stocks bounce and companies come with record offerings

Discussion in 'Trading' started by timscott, May 11, 2009.

  1. I can't stomach buying anything here wih every company and their brother rushing to the market with new stock now that we are off the lows.

    Think any of the financials with recent offerings will break their offering prices?
  2. Wow the gov't orchestrated stock rally was meant to have private investors fund co's and sure enough it worked. i pray we can get a crazy rally to 1000 on the s@p into june which will be a short of a lifetime
  3. Under ordinary circumstances, I'd bet the farm that EVERY single bank and REIT secondary price would be much lower in the near future. But, with Osama changing rules on the fly, I wouldn't be surprised to see a law saying you could only sell stocks on the 3rd day of the 5th week of each month following a month that ended in the letter Q. The govt will pull out all stops to hold this mkt up, period.
  4. Obama will turn this big disaster around, 5 months in and already a big difference.

    You just can't stand the fact that obama is actually doing really well can you?

    what do u think bush jr would be doing? He doesn't even know how many digits make up a trillion dollars.

  5. Welcome to ignore, dipshit.
  6. That is incorrect. Issuing massive debt has never in history helped an economic situation, merely postponed the inevitable at the least. We are in for a long and painful recovery. Bush and congress weren't too bright either in their last days by the way with the passage of the TARP bill and other bailouts.


  7. LMFAO...5 months in and Osama has made a HUGE difference. Everywhere I turn fees/taxes/costs are going up. Take it from somebody who really knows, the people at the so-called bottom are struggling, big time. I've got 25 -30 families, depending on who's moving in and who's moving out. 95% black, lower income, and I've talked to at least a dozen in the last month. No one, as in ZERO, is happy with OSAMA...he has done nothing he said he was going to do. He brought "change" to Washington alright, and he's cashing it in for everyone else's dollars.
    Yea, yea, yea...he inherited a frickin a mess.....we all know that. But you don't spend and borrow your way out of debt. Otherwise, everyone who maxed out their CC would be financially secure.

    And for those who wanna play the race card, I'm white and I voted for the MF, thinking he could possibly change things for the better. Not the first nor last mistake I'll ever make.