stocks benefit from electric cars?

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  1. Electric Power Industry
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  2. Just opened a fairly large position in


    They just got 100 million grant from the feds.

    They are partnered with nissan and make the charging stations for electric cars. It looks like this company might be getting a leg up in what becomes the standard in electric vehicles.

    Check them out, they have some debt problems from before the grant they have to settle. After that should be blue skys. They have a CC tommorow
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  3. BYD Company Limited

    HKG:1211 or

    I play this one all the time, but I currently don't own any of it. It's a W. Buffett play by the way, but what do we old timers know?

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  4. ecotality?
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  5. Banjo


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  6. Bootsie


    Thanks for the... info !
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